Summer Camps

Check back soon for Kids Invent! Camps 2014!

Kids Invent! is an innovative program held on California State University, Fresno campus for kids with creative  minds. These camps will expand kids’ horizons in a few short days.

  • Camp participants learn about science, creativity and entrepreneurship.
  • Students are taught about the invention process so they may continue to invent even after the conclusion of the Kids Invent! summer camp program
  • Participants learn to work as a team as they invent their toys.
  • Students learn to use their creativity to build skills that will make them successful in the future.

Below is a list of the camps that Kids Invent! is offering for the Summer 2013 session.

Young Inventors

Designed for students in grades K-3, our Young Inventor’s will learn math and science basics through a variety of hands on projects. Campers will work individually and in groups to create a multitude of projects including cars, rockets, masks and board games. By the end of the week our young inventors will know the scientific method and participate in a Camp Fair where they will showcase their creations.


Starting with no background in robotics, campers work in teams to build several electric models before building robots. Some of these models include electric cars and boats. When building robots, campers will design a base and cut it out of wood, add motors, a circuit board, additional components and then learn how to program it. By the end of the week their robots are using sensors and navigating through mazes and competing with other robots!

Digital Videos


Campers learn basic photography, video production and computer editing with individual projects for each new technique developed. By the end of the week campers will know how to create titles, add sound and video effects, create split screens and create special effects. Students will work individually and in groups to produce several videos including, but not limited to music videos, silent films, documentaries, Public Service Announcements and a 10 minute length feature film, with a trailer included. The week concludes with an Academy Awards Ceremony where friends and families are invited to sit in a theater and watch the campers creations! Trophies are awarded for Best Picture and Mr. or Miss. Congeniality.

Kids Invent! camps are non-resident camps held on the California State University, Fresno campus. Each summer camp is a week in duration with classes beginning from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. Our lead instructors are professionals in the fields of education, video production and photography.

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